Zettaset implement data in transit encryption for Hadoop



A simple diagram demonstrating how data may be sniffed and extracted without encryption technologies

Zettaset have announced that they will be enabling data in transit encryption in a specialist security bolt on for Hadoop. Zettaset, infamous for providing security and big data management solutions, released the Hadoop management platform several years ago and it is a favourite among businesses to enable data sharing and management from any location. Hadoop works on top of any open source Apache distribution, for example IBM BigInsights.

The Hadoop platform enables data management and sharing across the globe and is often a target for attackers, due to the sensitivity of data that may be accessible remotely. Data-in-transit encryption will enable organisations to secure their Hadoop clusters and reduce unauthorised access. An SSL tunnel will be initiated that will encrypt all communications to the Orchestrator console. All links will be encrypted, reducing attackers sniffing traffic and extracting data.

Prior to this, security reports suggested that Hadoop’s security posture was relatively weak. Privacy was a major concern for organisations, as it was believe Hadoop was not built with enterprise IT in mind. However, as Zettaset increase their security posture they need to maintain performance, an obligation that Zettaset feel they have met. A statement released by the firm suggests that the encryption controls will have virtually no negative impact on Hadoop cluster performance.

Data at rest encryption had been enabled on the data management platform in late 2013, and the company plan to build on this as part of their Big Data encryption technology initiative. Zettaset have stated that this will not be a bolt-on point product, rather an extensive security solution providing identity and access management and security policy enforcement.

Zettaset plan to implement data in transit encryption for all their Orchestrator applications by mid 2014.

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