Yahoo appoints new head of Information Security


The search engine giants Yahoo have appointed a new chief information security officer in the form of Alex Stamos. Alex, a highly experienced and skilled security executive, will be the new head of information security for Yahoo. The announcement came after months of rumours regarding who the new head of information security for Yahoo would be, with Alex Stamos’ name repeatedly mentioned as top of the list.

Alex Stamos has a history of being the head of large firms. The new CISO of Yahoo has successfully held the post of the chief technology officer of Artemis, a highly regarding security firm, for years. Stamos has a proven track record in this area, therefore, it is no surprise that his name had been put forward for this role.

Alex Stamos takes over as Yahoo's chief information security officer

Alex Stamos takes over as Yahoo’s chief information security officer

Stamos takes over from Justin Somaini, the former CISO of Yahoo who had vacated his seat over a year ago. The new chief information security officer for Yahoo Alex Stamos has a wealth of experience in this field and is ready to move Yahoo in the right direction. As well as coming from a large corporation such as Artemis, Stamos was one of the key individuals responsible for TrustyCon, a large security conference held recently as a response to the RSA conference. This was held in direct retaliation to rumours that RSA had involvement with NSA.

As the new chief information security officer for Yahoo, Stamos will report directly to Jay Rossiter – Yahoo’s senior vice president for platforms and personalization products. Stamos will lead a team of security professionals within Yahoo referred to as the “Paranoids”. He will be responsible for implementing top-to-bottom security for products and systems but will also lead the company in how security works today and in the future.

The appointment of this role comes at a crucial time for Yahoo. It was reported last month that intelligence agenices had captured millions of images from Yahoo user’ web cam chats and that Yahoo in particular were heavy targets for more intelligence from these companies. This news has shocked users into considering their privacy more thoroughly and has no doubt had an affect on the overall popularity of this search engine giant.

Alex Stamos will have a tough job trying to implement security while maintaining current users of the site. However, as such an experienced security professional, Alex Stamos understands the need to compliment usability with security and will utilise his team of paranoids to ensure that Yahoo maintains this amongst the current media frenzy.

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