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Windows operating systems have not always been known for their extensive security posture, however, with the release of Windows 8 Microsoft have attempted to provide new features to rectify this situation. Here we give our view on the best Windows 8 Security Tips.

1. Utilise the new Windows 8 UI version of Internet Explorer

The new Windows 8 version of IE contains a number of features that will reduce the attack surface of your machine. This includes plug ins, which are disabled by default on the Windows 8 UI version of Internet Explorer. Given that a majority of browser attacks, such as exploit kits and Blackhole attacks, take advantage of plugins this is a recommended browser to use.

2. Windows 8 Picture Password – Complexity is key!

As well as traditional text based passwords, Windows 8 have introduced gesture based passwords to allow users to perform an action on a touch screen device to authenticate. However, as with any authentication mechanism this may be susceptible to brute force attacks if not configured with complexity and thought. Users should avoid relying on for singular authentication and ensure gestures are random, complex and not easily guessable!

3. Use Automatic Updates

The majority of attacks on Windows focus on the low hanging fruit – or the unpatched systems. Turning on automatic updates is strongly advisable. Allow Windows 8 to take care of patching for you, this will ensure that systems are as up to date as they can be straight away. This is one of the most strongly advised Windows 8 Security Tips we can offer!


CIO Insight recently stated that Windows 8 systems will not be completely secure until staff are able to train themselves on the new security features of the OS.

4. Windows 8 Bitlocker

Encryption of your personal data is pretty much vital in todays age, and what kind of Windows 8 Security Tips would these be if we didn’t suggest enabling Windows Bitlocker to enable this. Bitlocker applies strong encryption algorithms to your data to prevent access to anyone who might get their hands on your device. Bitlocker comes as standard with Windows 8 and once enabled, will encrypt all files and data on drives in your system and prevent ease of access for attackers.

5. Windows 8 Family Safety Features

Microsoft have developed a feature to allow parents to set up different accounts for each of their children in order to maintain control of their activities online. Once created, parents can customize account permissions – including what sites to block, which sites their kids have visited and which sites are allowed. This feature also provides the capibility for parents to receive reports on each childs online activity.

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