US State Department to create ‘cyber security playbook’



The US State Department has announced that it is going to try and put together a cyber security handbook, which will provide organisations with best practice advice about how to protect against or deal with a cyber attack.

Consequently, the State Department has asked for cyber security experts to come forward and offer their insights to help create the ‘cyber security playbook’. The decision to draw up the guide comes less than a year since the same department of the US government was hacked and its email email system compromised in what was believed to be an attack backed by a rival state.

Following the department’s request for information (RFI), a decision will be made about whether a best practice manual is a feasible idea – should there not be an enough information submitted to the department by industry leaders then the playbook will likely not materialise.

Companies such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Planet Technology, Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte have been asked to come forward and offer their expertise on cyber security tools and techniques, Computer Weekly reported.

Should the process prove successful and the concept of a cyber security playbook become a reality then other countries’ governments could follow suit, with nations keen to ensure their public and private sector organisations have the best information possible available to them in a bid to defend against the increasingly prevalent risk of a cyber breach.

Indeed, the issued RFI provides a call to action, stating that cyber attacks represent one of the most dangerous threats to national security. Furthermore, it says that the United States’ national and economic security depends on the reliable functioning of the critical infrastructure in the face of such threats.

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