US National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence expanded to meet threats


Demonstrating just how strong the demand for an increased focus on cybersecurity is, the US has announced a major expansion to its cybersecurity research center in Rockville, Maryland.

The expanded headquarters of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology will be opened today, Monday 8 February 2016, by US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Maryland elected officials.

According to US Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the expanded centre "bridges the gap between the public and private sectors" by offering a key space for the development and evaluation of IT security measures.

The $81.5 million building, which was first opened in 2012, is now home to 22 laboratories and a key focus for the US Government when it comes to cybersecurity across the country.

It is not just in Maryland that cybersecurity provisions are being ramped up – in related news, a $5 million grant has been awarded to Indiana University and its partner institutions to create the National Science Foundation Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. The funding will ensure that the Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure – which is led by the University – will become a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

A spokesperson for the university said: “Ensuring scientific computing remains trustworthy and uncorrupted is essential in protecting the nation’s science. In its role as a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, the CTSC will provide readily available cybersecurity services tailored to the NSF science community."

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