UK police increase cyber security 10-fold since 2010



Police in the UK have increased their fight against cyber crime 10-fold in the past five years, new figures have shown.

According to a Freedom of Information request submitted by security vendor Veracode, more than 3,800 officers in 19 different local forces have undertaken cyber security training since the start of this year, a huge rise on the mere 37 who did so in 2010.

Chris Wysopal, CISO and CTO at Veracode, commented: “These findings suggest how the growing threat of cybercrime has reached police officers working on the beat each and every day.

“It is vital that forces continue to invest in training officers to tackle this increasing danger to businesses and members of the public alike.”

As well as improving their ability to detect, prevent and bring justice to those carrying out cyber attacks in their local area, the additional training will allow the police to better support the National Cyber Crime Unit with investigations into the most serious cases of cyber crime, Veracode suggested.

In December 2014 the Coalition government announced that it would be investing £860 million into the UK’s cyber security strategy. Now that the government has changed however – with the Conservatives winning an outright majority in this month’s General Election – it is unclear if this investment will come to fruition or if it will be axed as part of cuts on public spending.

Veracode urges that while the signs that the police are equipping themselves for the fight against cyber crime are a positive step, lots more works still needs to be done.

“While the cyber security training exercises are certainly a step in the right direction, we’re not yet at a point where there’s a cyber forensics expert attached to each local police force that businesses can turn to for help,” Wysopal said.

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