UK firms urged to start sharing cyber security intelligence



The failure to share intelligence about cyber security is hurting UK organisations’ ability to combat cyber crime, with firms urged to begin collaborating more in this area.

These are the findings of a new report produced by AlienVault. The study found that most companies today – either directly themselves or with the help of third party cyber security experts – are taking raw data and turning it into valuable, actionable insights. However, too often organisations are acting in silos, which is limiting the scale and reliability of these insights, the computer security hardware provider said.

Public data is available for companies to use; the government provides feeds about cyber attacks and the malware being used, but at present these feeds are not being factored into businesses’ cyber security tactics.

In a survey of 300 UK-based IT security professionals, AlienVault found that just a quarter of respondents believe UK government data on threat intelligence is reliable. As such, most (58 per cent) said they rely on their own detection processes, while nearly a third (28 per cent) stated that they rely on the data and processes used by their trusted peers. However, despite not trusting the data, four fifths (81 per cent) of the IT security professionals surveyed said that they think the government should share more threat intelligence with the private sector.

Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault, commented: “It’s worrying that so few security practitioners view government information as reliable. Unless the private sector shares intelligence with government sources, its information is bound to be out of date.

“People worry about inadvertently sharing sensitive company information …. While this is a legitimate concern for many, it shouldn’t be a stopping point – many items such as hash values, suspicious IP addresses and domain names are shareable with relative ease and without exposing any internal information.”

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