TalkTalk Chief Executive Warns of ‘Cyber Security Arms Race’



In case the high profile data breach at TalkTalk was not enough of a warning about the risk of hackers, the company’s chief executive has spoken out about the threat being posed by the “cyber security arms race”.

Last week it was revealed that broadband provider TalkTalk had suffered a “significant and sustained” cyber attack. The breach put the information of four million customers at risk, although the exact scale of the damage that has been done remains to be seen.

Chief executive Dido Harding has said that if the customers demand it then she will step down from her role. However, speaking to The Telegraph, she added that this problem is not TalkTalk’s alone; it is something that all organisations in Britain and around the world need to face up to.

Indeed, in light of the breach Baroness Harding has insisted that the company’s cyber security is “head and shoulders” above its competitors.

She said in the interview: “In some ways I would love to say this is just a TalkTalk issue, I’d love to believe this is just us – but it isn’t… This is a sort of cyber security arms race.”

She continued: “This is happening to a huge number of organisations all the time. The awful truth is that every company, every organisation in the UK needs to spend more money and put more focus on cyber security – it’s the crime of our era.”

Speaking openly about the hugely damaging attack, the TalkTalk chief revealed that in the immediate aftermath of the breach she had recruited BAE Systems, who provide security software for the government, to help resolve the problem.

It is the third time this year that the telecommunications company has found itself targeted by cyber criminals.

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