Rise of IoT sees increase in security breaches, study finds


The increase in usage and deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) has lead to a dramatic increase in security breaches according to a recent study by

The study predicts that the growth in the IoT security market will reach nearly 55 per cent over the next year. The report entitled, 'Global IoT Security Market 2015-2019' has looked at the IoT landscape and in particular how concerns are mounting over increased security breaches.

The report looked into key IoT companies such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Ericsson, Siemens and IBM and found that there was a large and substantial market for those who safeguard IoT systems from hackers and cybercriminals looking to try and gain access to networks to steal data.

The report found that as networks across the globe adopt 2G, 3G and 4G connections, the threat to digital data increases. “A rising number of highly sophisticated and complex data hacking incidences has rocked the digital world in the past few years, bringing the issue of data security to the forefront,” the report stated.

John Sirianni, vice president of strategic Partners, IoT for Webroot, said: “And we see that the critical infrastructure – power and energy management, integrated transportation – those are filled with manufacturers and operators that care about their infrastructure and are willing to work with leading security companies to monitor and provide situational awareness to all the activities. [But] you can’t protect it all.”

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