Poor investment choices hurting cyber security



Poor choices by IT professionals when it comes to selecting cyber security solutions is meaning these defences are often falling short of the mark.

Lockheed Martin surveyed 618 senior IT practitioners from a variety of sectors to examine their processes for selecting cyber security solutions. The research found that business objectives are the most influential in choosing a specific technology (73 per cent), followed by security risk (68 per cent) and compliance with regulations (45 per cent).

However, interoperability (39 per cent), proven risk reduction (11 per cent) and lack of complexity (eight per cent) were not considered as important. This is creating problems when it comes to defending against cyber attacks as it means organisations have complicated IT systems that are not built with risk reduction in mind. All these options should, Lockheed Martin states, be far higher up on the list of priorities if IT professionals wish to create a robust portfolio of cyber security solutions.

Worryingly, 70 per cent of respondents said it was difficult to calculate an accurate return on investment (ROI) for a given security technology, despite the fact that the same number (70 per cent) of survey respondents had said they believe it was a critical metric for investment, showing poor logical or flaws in their investment choices.

Greg Boison, director of homeland & cyber security at Lockheed Martin, commented: “As cyber threats increase, it is troubling to see so many cyber security tools purchased by organisations end up as shelfware.

“When cyber dollars are scarce, organisations should not only evaluate which tools their enterprise needs, but whether they have the internal and external resources to deploy, maintain and leverage them.”

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