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    10 Steps for ISO 27001 Certification

    With data breaches continuously present in the media, businesses are beginning to take a serious approach towards securing their assets from loss or compromise. Alignment...

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    How to Inspect Encrypted Traffic

      Encryption is a way of encoding information or messages in ways that only the authorized parties can read. The encryption does not prevent interception...

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    How to Meet ISO 27001 Requirements

    How to Meet ISO 27001 Requirements ISO 27001 is the well-known standard for the family that provides requirements for the Information Security System Management System...

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    Role Based Access Control Design Pattern

    Role based access control method is designed for regulating access on computer and network resources base on the individual user’s roles within the enterprise. Access...

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    Network Vulnerabilities and the OSI Model

    The OSI model is used as an understanding of how computer networks operate and communicate. Using this ISO standard, organisations can understand where vulnerabilities may...

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    How does Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) work?

    The Basics Numerous organisations are keen on protecting their information assets using some form of cryptography, but are unaware of the details of implementing this...

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    Data Centre Migration Best Practices

    Migrating your data centre to a location, either physically or logically, is a lengthy process. The migration must happen as smoothly as possible so as...

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    Data Separation in Cloud Computing

    Achieving secure data separation in cloud computing is a necessity for many companies wishing to utilise cloud services as a cost effective method for storage,...

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    Securing Web Services

    Securing web services and reducing attacks against web applications is an in demand subject in the current market, with many services now moving online because...

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    Weak Wi-Fi Security Across London

    A recent research project undertaken by Sophos has identified an alarming number of homes and businesses have little to no Wi-Fi security controls. The research...