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  • banning-whatsapp


    Cameron banning encrypted messaging apps

    David Cameron has taken a strong line on terrorists and criminals using encrypted chat applications such as Whatsapp and Snapchat by stating that if he...

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    Firefox bugs addressed in latest version

    Firefox bugs addressed in latest version The latest release of Mozilla Firefox has addressed numerous security bugs that have been identified in recent months for...

  • risk-assessment


    How to perform an IT risk assessment (in a nutshell)

    How to perform an IT risk assessment (in a nutshell) Ensuring your network is well protected is key to almost any business in today’s environment....

  • lizard-squad-hackers


    Lizard Squad site compromised

    The group that claimed responsibility for attacks on Sony and Xbox over the festive period have themselves become victims of a cyber attack. In a...

  • supply-chain-security


    Supply Chain Security: Managing the Risks

    In the modern business environment, supply chain security is one of the fundamental aspects that must be considered as part of a risk assessment. While...

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    Top Threats to Cloud Computing

    Here at Cyber Security News, we have covered the security implications of Cloud computing quite a lot. While the benefits of using Cloud are evident...

  • KL-remote


    Fraud toolkit KL-Remote bypasses 2-Factor Authentication and Device Identification

    A new form of toolkit has been released to the black market recently that allows a relatively unsophisticated user to perform enhanced phishing attacks to...

  • cyber-security-threats-2015


    Cyber Security Threats 2015

    Cyber Security Threats 2015 From the Target data breach to multiple attacks against Sony and Microsoft, 2014 was an eye opening year in terms of...

  • network_segregation


    Segregating Networks for Security

    Sufficient segregation in networks can drastically reduce the impact that a compromise may have on your organisation. Once a foothold has been gained on the...

  • how-does-DHCP-work


    How does DHCP work?

    DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and is the protocol utilised to issue dynamic IP addresses to hosts on the network. DHCP servers are...