Orange France Data Breach


Orange France have been the victims of their second data breach this year, with hackers targeting the site in yet another attack against the telecommunications giants. The breach has been identified as severe, with up to 5 percent of subscribers personal data compromised. The total number of records equates to 1.3 million customer records and include personal data including names, dates of birth, addresses and telephone numbers.

The attackers accessed customer records in the email and SMS marketing space of Orange. Although it is clear that the breach will signal the start oh phishing campaigns against these customers, the exact details of the attack are not yet clear. The telecoms giants have taken up to 3 weeks to investigate the breach and have still yet to identify the root cause to prevent a re occurrence.

Orange has released a statement this week confirming the breach and warning its customers of the potential dangers the attack may have on them. They have warned customers that they will not ask for sensitive information such as bank details and passwords from them directly, and that any communications requesting this should be ignored and reported immediately.

Customers expressed their anger at the telecoms giants over social media platforms such as Facebook. Some customers stated that they have already received a mass amount of phishing emails requesting that a repayment be made because of a bounced account payment. This is an effort by attackers to gain bank account details and personal information and should be reported immediately, Orange say.

This is not the first time Orange has been breached in recent times. A little over two months ago, hackers were able to compromise over 800,000 customer records via the My Account portal on the Orange website. Similarly to this attack, the hackers stole a large amount of customer records – including names, email addresses and phone numbers.

With a clearly evident threat to Orange systems, it is clear that attackers have identified consistent vulnerabilities in the telecommunications giants. Orange have stated that they are investigating the attack and committing a significant number of resources to prevent a reoccurrence, however, this is a similar response to the previous attack – leaving many Orange customers fearing for the safety of their data.

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