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As the time draws closer for the end of supported life for Microsoft XP, Microsoft has publicly announced its desire for users to migrate to a more up to date operating system. Unfortunately, for their own reasons, many users have yet to update from Microsoft XP to a newer operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. The reasons for users lack of motivation to move are varied but may include costs to update hardware, lack of technical ability to implement the change or just for the pure reason of dislike of change. The issue Microsoft are having is in the ability to communicate to users the need to migrate in terms of security of their systems.


Microsoft have tried a number of approaches to force the issue – with little success. They recently publicised an appeal for the more tech-savvy users of their operating systems to assist their less technical friends and family upgrade to a new version – and urged users to consider buying new hardware if their current hardware doesn’t support this. This, however, came across as quite a sales pitch and may have had the reverse desired effect with no change in users making the jump. Add to this the fact that Microsoft had no provided a decent enough upgrade application to make it more simple and its no surprise XP users are standing their ground.

However, now Microsoft have announced that they are partnering with Laplink to provide Microsoft Windows XP users with a free of use data migration tool to allow users to copy their files, settings and preferences from Windows XP machines to a new device running any up to date Microsoft OS.  A further announcement from Microsoft alerted users that Microsoft XP Home or Professional users will be prompted via  a pop up alert from 8th March 2014 that Windows XP will be reaching end of support, users will even be provided with a link to the site for more information.

Microsoft additionally announced that Security Essentials, the security toolset available in Windows XP, will receive extended support and that anti malware signatures will be available until 14th July 2015. However, with this continued support comes continued pestering as the Security Essentials program will continue to provide warnings to users that their computer is potentially unprotected until they migrate to a more up to date OS.

So, Microsoft have come up with a mirage of ways to get across their point that users need to update to a more recent operating system to keep themselves protected but, more importantly, to keep Microsoft’s pockets lined with cash. From a security perspective, updating to an operating system that is still in support is beneficial for a number of reasons – the most important being security patches and updates being issued regularly to in support operating systems. However, users should be aware that there are a number of other operating systems out there so when migrating from Windows XP to a new operating system don’t be pushed  by continuous pop-up messages from Microsoft.

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