Lizard Squad site compromised


The group that claimed responsibility for attacks on Sony and Xbox over the festive period have themselves become victims of a cyber attack. In a recent attack, the Lizard Squad hacking group have been targeted and a list containing details of its members publicly released.

Following the attack on Sony and Xbox over Christmas, for which the Lizard Squad claimed responsibility, the hacking group set up a DDoS tool that users who signed up could use. In the recent attack, the database containing all users who signed up for this tool was release and briefly dumped onto a public file sharing website.

The tool set has been described by experts as relatively basic in functionality and is used primarily to overload web servers with traffic. Other experts have claimed that they are not surprised that customer details were compromised, with most of the details stored in plain text and the architecture of the site insecure.

One expert has claimed that the site has been established by somebody with a lack of experience in software engineering and noted that public access to the server behind the web page had been insufficiently secured.

The breach has put question marks over the sophistication of these attackers, who many claim are nothing but script kiddies that utilize point and click tools to bring down websites. This has led to a number of security professionals targeting the group to test capabilities.

Other sites have confirmed that the use of the tool provided by the Lizard Squad was primarily by gamers that targeted other game servers to prevent certain users playing the game. It is evident from reports that the tool, and indeed its users, are unsophisticated in nature. However, if this is the case, how were these type of attackers able to bring down organisations such as Microsoft and Sony?

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