iOS Malware Threat Discovered by Reddit Users


unflod baby panda

Unflod baby panda targets jailbroken iOS devices

A new strain of mobile malware has been discovered and released by an ethical hacking subreddit group on the popular reddit website. The malware, known as “unflod baby panda”, targets jailbroken iOS devices and was discovered by the mobile hacking community r/jailbreak. The group, who disclosed the malware publicly on their subreddit site, discovered the threat after helping an iPhone user understand unusual acitivity occuring on their device.

The malware is said to target jailbroken iOS devices through Chinese software download websites. Once downloaded, the malware will listen in to users SSL traffic for credentials, harvest them and sent back to servers residing in China. The malware is easily discoverable and can be removed, however, security researchers are yet to discover if further malicious files are placed on the device during the process.

If your iOS device is not jailbroken then it is yet to be confirmed if you will be susceptible to this malware, as it current targets jailbroken devices – security researchers have also confirmed that this strain of malware has not been identified in any apps on the Apple iOS store. Jailbroken iOS devices are constantly at threat of malicious attack due to the lack of control of apps by Apple. While non-jailbroken iOS devices only install apps via the iStore which Apple controls, jailbroken devices are able to download and install software from a number of different sources – leaving them more susceptible to malicious code. So, what should you do if your device is showing signs of infection?

How can I remove unflod baby panda?

To remove unflod baby panda, you should search for the unfold.dylib binary file and remove it from your device. It is then strongly recommended that your Apple ID password should be changed to prevent any unauthorised access if Apple credentials have already been harvested. You should also keep informed on the developments of the malware, to ensure that if additional files are present on the device that they are removed. Anti virus apps are available that may be able to locate any suspicious files. To be extra cautious, users may wish to consider implementing a full restore, however, this would result in the loss of jailbreak so some users may be less keen on this approach.

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