Internal threats ‘higher priority’ than external ones


Nearly half (49 per cent) of IT security professionals are more concerned about internal threats than they are external ones, according to a new study.

The survey of 317 experts by Dimensional Research found the top concerns surrounding insider threats are malware installed by careless employees (73 per cent), stolen or compromised credentials (66 per cent), stolen data (65 per cent) and abuse of admin credentials.

The poll reveals that the real security threats facing businesses tend to be ‘innocent’ – with 87 per cent of respondents saying they’re more concerned about naive individuals who bend the rules to get work done, with just 13 per cent saying malicious employees actually intending to do harm are a threat.

"Intentional or not, insider threats are real," Preempt co-founder and chief executive officer Ajit Sancheti said.

"From Snowden to the FDIC, headlines continue to emerge and we need to take a new approach to get ahead of insider threats. Without real-time prevention solutions and improved employee engagement, these threats will not only increase but find more sophisticated ways to infiltrate and navigate a network."

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