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A recent announcement from Google has stated that all data traversing to and from the Gmail website will be encrypted using HTTPS. The web giants have also announced that all messages will be encrypted by default when moving between many of the data centres within its control.

An announcement from g-mail’s leading security engineer states that all messages traversing the network are encrypted by default, whether moving between the end user client and the g mail servers or moving internally between servers housed within the data centre.

This announcement stems from the concerns expressed by users following the revelations made by Edward Snowden’s leaks regarding the NSA last year. The leaks, which stated that the intelligence agency were intercepting data centre connections worldwide, led to a loss of confidence from customers that their email and communications were at risk of snooping.

Users may not be aware, but gmail has always been encrypted since this option was turned on in 2010. However, the announcement today has assured users that this encryption will no longer be an option, instead being encrypted by default for all communications. Additionally, not only will g-mail be encrypted by default, by other Google services such as Google apps will be encrypted with HTTPS.

Engineers at Google have implemented HTTPS by default, however, users have always been a bit shy to turn this option on due to the slow performance experienced on some browsers when it is enabled. However, engineers at Google have stated that since work has been completed that performance should only be slightly affected, and those with up to date systems and hardware should not experience any change in performance.

Google have also claimed a 99.98 percentage of uptime. This percentage, along with encryption enabled by default for both apps and mail services, may bring a little bit more confidence for users following the leaks released by Snowden last year.

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