Fighting cybercrime should be top priority for police, UK says


More focus should be placed on stamping out cybercrime than on tackling real-world crime, almost half of the British public have said in a report.

Forty-three per cent of the 1,034 adults aged 16+ who were surveyed in the UK by PA Consulting reported that far more efforts should be channeled into targeting cybercrime, which is becoming increasingly dangerous. The 2015 edition of the group's Cybercrime Tipping Point survey found that the UK public wanted to see a dual role for ISPs and the police when it came to fighting online crimes, with most people believing that the police force had more cyber capability than criminals.

With more and more of people's daily lives taking place online, from working to communicating and shopping, the world of cybercrime needs to be addressed more thoroughly, the report said. Recent related research from tech giant IBM showed that, while many people believe the online world to be protected and safe, that is not the case. It found that 50 per cent of app developers are not ploughing investment into the security of the apps, and the majority – 63 per cent – of online dating apps are extremely vulnerable to hackers.

Carl Roberts, security and policing expert at PA Consulting Group, said that it was vital the police worked to deal with the gap between the public's expectations of their dealings with cybercrime and the reality: “At a time when the police are having to make difficult decisions on their priorities it is important that they understand what the public expects and ensure that digital capabilities are being developed in a collaborative and efficient way […]."

"They need to be clear on who should be responsible for what capabilities at local and national levels; how to improve victim satisfaction; and how to engage with the emerging younger generations who have lived their entire lives on the internet.”

The Cybercrime Tipping Point survey also showed that more than half – 53 per cent – of the UK population has been affected by cybercrime at some point, highlighting the need for the police to take drastic action.

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