Facebook Chief Calls for Better Cyber Security in Emerging Markets



Facebook’s security chief has called for improved cyber security practices around the world, with the current defences in emerging markets vulnerable to attack.

Speaking at Las Vegas’ Def Con cyber security conference, Alex Stamos put pressure on the internet industry – including Facebook and its peers – to make more effort when it comes to improving cyber security “beyond the one per cent” that it currently caters for. He pointed the finger at cyber security start-ups in particular, stating that they focus too much on wealthy Western enterprises rather than solutions that will benefit people around the globe.

The former Yahoo executive has made the headlines in the past for his criticism of the US National Security Agency and is known for speaking his mind. He is now urging others to join him by building security solutions to protect people who do not have the benefits of the most up to date technology.

In an interview with the Financial Times at the event, Mr Stamos was outspoken is saying that the private sector, particularly big technology companies, was not doing enough to address the global threat of cyber attacks across the globe. “We can’t say you are only safe if you are on the latest phone in a country with a great human rights record,” he asserted.

Facebook has started its own initiative – – which will aim to get more people in less developed countries online. Securing this network is one of the social media giant’s top cyber security priorities at the moment, the FT stated.

Emerging markets are using devices and operating systems that, unlike the majority of those used in the First World, are not suitably protected from cyber crime. Mr Stamos, who is only six weeks into his new role at Facebook, explained that the company now has an “obligation” to overcome this problem and create new cyber security solutions targeted at these emerging markets and the technologies they are using.

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