CyLon Scheme to Make UK World Leader in Cyber Security


A new initiative has been launched in London that is designed to make the UK a world leader in cyber security.

The scheme, named CyLon, has been created to address the demand from governments, individuals and businesses to have greater defences against the growing threat of cyber crime, Ploughshare Innovations has reported.

The not-for-profit CyLon programme will be run over 13-week periods; it will take on 10 start-up companies at a time, offering them the professional advice, expert training and funding they require to produce new, innovative cyber security solutions. Starting in April, the scheme will be giving each company involved £5,000 to cover their cost over the three months.

The promising start-up firms that are chosen to partake in CyLon will be put in contact with “key government agencies, successful cyber entrepreneurs, academic experts and leaders of businesses that depend on cyber-security to succeed”, a statement revealed.

Start-ups, particularly in London’s Tech City, have proven themselves to be some of the greatest innovators in developing new tools and techniques for addressing modern problems; their agile approach to embracing the latest technological trends means they are well placed to create new ideas to tackle the shortcoming being experienced in the cyber security market at present.

Ploughshare explains that among CyLon’s creators is Alex van Someren of Amadeus Capital Partners, who previously co-founded the internet security start-up nCipher, which went public in 2000. Jonathan Luff is another co-founder; he is a partner at corporate advisory firm Epsilon Partners and a former adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron. Luff said: “Building ecosystems for cyber security companies is an important plank of the government’s cyber security strategy.”

With large investments being made by governments and enterprises alike, cyber security has been earmarked as one of the most pressing concerns of today, as recent high-profile hacking incidents have highlighted. CyLon is another initiative aimed at enabling the UK to become a hub of excellence in this space.

The closing date for applications to join its first course is 2 March.

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