Cybersecurity training lacking, claims government survey


More efficient security training is needed, according to a recent study by Alexlos, a UK government joint venture with outsourcing firm Capita.

The study found that staff are not being provided with adequate cyber security awareness or the ability to defend against potential cyber attacks.

The research shows that nearly 50 per cent of the worst breaches were caused by human error, while 75 per cent of those surveyed suffered staff-related breaches.

The study goes on to say that 40 percent of employees say that their cyber security is 'very effective' in providing awareness of information security risks, while only 25 per cent say training is 'very effective' at changing employee behaviour in cyber security.

Nick Wilding, head of cyber resilience best practice at Axelos, said: “Despite organisations continuing to invest heavily in technology to better protect their precious information and systems, the number and scale of attacks continue to rise as they discover there is no silver bullet to help achieve their desired level of cyber security.

“They often underestimate the role their employees — from the boardroom to the front line — can play. Staff should be the most effective at security control, but are typically one of the greatest vulnerabilities.”

While acknowledging UK organisations are enforcing the basics of information security and how important it is, more needs to be done.

“Cyber attacks are now business as usual and the resulting financial and reputational damage can be significant. Organisations need to be more certain that they engage their people effectively in equipping them to manage the cyber and information security risks they now all face.

“Imagine how customers would respond if told that ‘we’re fairly confident that your precious information is safe from attack’," he said.

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