Cyber attack interactive map released by Kaspersky



The cyber attack interactive map by Kaspersky allows users to see threats and attacks in real time on a visual display.

A cyber attack interactive map has been released by Kaspersky this week, detailing cyber attacks from across the globe in near-real time. The map provides a worldwide visualization of the current state of cyber attacks and threats, in a move that some have labelled a publicity stunt to get people to buy Kaspersky software.

Kaspersky Labs launched the interactive map last week and it provides a visual indication of the state of play of cyber attacks in today’s world. Although the site is primarily targeted at getting users scared of the state of play and to buy their software, it is worth checking out. The map is interactive in nature and features data directly from Kasperky’s malware detection applications put onto a visualisation layer.

However, some critics are saying that the data may be biased as the USA is identified as particularly high risk area for malware, even though Russia has been sighted as the number one location for malware distribution and infection in the world. Either way, the map beautifully displays this information on the interactive map, with different coloured lines representing attackers and victims. The map also displays different types of attacks via the coloured lines feature, which can enable the user how to find out ways to protect themselves.

Watching attacks play out in real time can give the user a real idea of the types of attacks that are occurring all over the world on a daily basis and this tool would be perfect to educate users, SIRO’s and CISO’s on the dangers faced within their organisation. It can also be used as a tool to gain approval for any funding, if ever there was a need to prove the importance of implementing a certain costly control then this is it.

Additionally, as you would expect, Kaspersky put their own marketing ploy in there with an “Am I infected?” button. If clicked, the user is directed to obtain a free anti-virus scan from the security giants,  they can then go on to purchase any software, if wanted. While a great marketing ploy, it is worth checking out the cyber attack interactive map on the Kaspersky website to offer awareness for security professionals and users alike.

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