Britons’ data security fears revealed


Most Britons would rather share their most personal secret than they would their account number and sort code, new research looking at our data security fears reveals.

The survey by Paym, a mobile payments provider, found 74 per cent of Britons say the prospect of sharing their bank details makes them feel anxious.

But only 50 per cent feel anxious at the thought of sharing intimate information, such as a dirty secret.

Perhaps surprisingly, Britons are fairly relaxed about sharing details of their salary, with only 37 per cent of people saying the prospect of telling people how much they earn makes them feel anxious.

The Paym study revealed a further 27 per cent of people in the UK would prefer not to share their home address. People are most reluctant to share their sort code and account number with a stranger, as only two per cent of people would be prepared to do so.

One in six (15 per cent) would not share their sort code and account number with their closest friend and only 13 per cent would share them with their closest family member.

Craig Tillotson, executive chairman of Paym, said: “It’s really important to think before you act if you’re asked for your personal or financial details, or to transfer money – and you should never disclose security details, such as your PIN or full banking password.”

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