Adobe releases patch for critical vulnerability in Shockwave Player


A critical vulnerability in Adobes Shockwave Player has recently received a critical security patch update, which users are highly encouraged to download. When exploited, the vulnerability would allow an attacker to gain remote access to the system. The vulnerability had been discovered and listed publically in vulnerability databases around the world.

Known as CVE-2014-0505, the vulnerability looks to exploit a memory corruption built into the software to allow remote code execution. Adobe have confirmed that the vulnerability had been reported to them privately and that there have been no active exploits of this vulnerability that they are aware of.

Adobe are renowned for having security vulnerabilities with their products.

Adobe have recently released a security patch for Adobe Flash Player.

Versions and earlier are particularly vulnerable to this exploit, and Adobe Systems highly recommend that all users update to the recently released version, which mitigates the security risk. The new update is available for both Windows and Mac systems and Adobe have released a security advisory letting users know of the update that has been released and the impacts that a failure to update could bring to users.

Adobe have been at the forefront of security news for a long time and regularly release security patches for their products. Recent security updates for the Flash Player application have been released due to another identified vulnerability. Shockwave Player is another popular product of Adobes, and is a plug in for browsers that allow users to display interactive content on line. Although the player is not as popular as Flash Player, Shockwave is still a very popular plug in that is present on up to 450 million devices worldwide. This popular plug in is used for flash games and other online interactive content and is a prime target for hackers due to its popularity. Individuals and organisations with Adobe products are highly advised to keep up to date with Adobe security patch releases.

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